Saturday Nights Alright for Writing

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Content Writing

Ok, who’s kidding who – I don’t write on a Saturday night, but I do write the majority of my content on Saturday mornings. This is the window of my week from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00am , when my mind is relaxed to think about our business, the sales industry, and what’s important to sales leaders.

This didn’t come naturally to me as a sales leader. I spend the first 10 years of my sales career on a phone, leaving voicemails or sending 3-sentence emails. I could have been comfortable with just doing that for the next 25 years. Except… the world has changed, and so have buyers.

Buyers want original insight from thought-leaders, and their flocking to the web & social media to identify solutions based on original content. I sort of understood this concept in 2008-2009 when I was introduced to Marketing Automation, but it wasn’t until conversations with Matt Heinz @ Heinz Marketing did I realize this power. Matt recently wrote an article called “How to write better when you suck at writing” which is fantastic for the average sales professional. Matt’s business has grown because his #1 business development engine is creating thought-leadership that prospects truly care about.

Imagine, writing down some of your thoughts each week, and over time this translates into real $$$? Wow. This is in fact 100% true for our business. There’s endless research about well-developed content attracting a social following, then attracting real prospects.

Problem – most sales reps claim they don’t have time.

Solution – here is what I do to prepare my mind for Saturday morning writing. Remember, 1 hour of my time writing is translating into real revenue (not overnight though). I feel like a poor man’s Steven King!

1. Email yourself, Evernote or voice record on your Iphone

I have a voice recording app on my Iphone with full intention to use it… but I always forget. Whenever I have an idea, see a problem in the market or read an article I agree/disagree with, I email myself the idea. I then have those in an email box to review for my spare moment of writing. Now if you’re really smart you can turn your daily commutes into something productive by recording your thoughts and ideas by voice with a tool like Dragon Dictation so you can turn your thoughts into a written document while you drive to your next appointment.

2. Get relaxed, any way you can

I have a friend who was doing his Ph.D during the “Crackberry” phenomenon of 2007 – about the potential lack of innovation in companies, due to the Blackberry. His idea was simple; if you’re tethered to your Smartphone all day long, the portion of your brain which develops creative, unique ideas will never have a chance to be used. You see, being always on the go and checking 50,000 emails & twitter posts doesn’t give time for original thought.

Solution – and I’m dead serious about this. Where is the only, only, only place during your day with 0% distractions from work, kids and media? The washroom! You get 5-15 minutes in there by yourself to THINK (also use the shower for this as well). For myself I have music in the washroom, and you can’t believe the number of ideas that have been spawned from the washroom. After you have a great idea, write it down. Trust me, it will come once you’ve shut your mind to all your electronic distractions.

3. It’s only 500 words! Find a part of your week when you’re least busy

You have the idea, you know what you want to say, now take 30 minutes to write your draft into a document. To optimize Google SEO, aim for 500 word article.

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