The Fastest and Easiest Way to Win New Business Using LinkedIn

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Win New Business Using LinkedIn

Find new business through LinkedIn by connecting with people who previously worked at your client’s company.

Remember Mimoun Khalloufi from Spotfire in France?

Mimoun is a sales champion who has been CRUSHING it with social selling. He’s an example of a sales rep who has truly embraced the power of social tools.

A few weeks back, Mimoun showed us how to drive new business using LinkedIn in a great blog post on 5 Steps to Social Selling in Europe. Here is another tip on winning new business on LinkedIn.

STEP 1: Find who has previously worked for companies that are using your solution.

If have sold a product or service to company ‘A’, then you might want to target the people that have worked at this ‘A’ company and then leverage their “story” to help sell to the current company they are working at.

In this example, after 4 meetings were booked for TF1, I decided to start prospecting the people who has previously worked for TF1 to leverage their story.

New Business Linkedin

STEP 2: Engage with the contacts selected, and use your client story as a TRIGGER.

It’s critical that sales professionals understand the human nature to the “Sphere of Influence”. Like someone telling you a story you don’t care about, sales professionals constantly sell “case studies” that don’t mean anything to the buyer.

By searching people that used to work at your client’s company, you now have begun to close the loop on buyers within that story’s “Sphere of Influence”. These people worked at your client’s company, saw the successes and failures, and may have been a past user of your solution. These are prospects that can resonate with your client story!

Treat these leads like the “Glengarry Leads,” don’t squander them. These are prospects that can absolutely be a natural fit for your solution.

Need help getting yourself or your sales team started with social selling? Feel free to contact me using the link below and we’ll chat.

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