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#S4LSocial: Are You a Brandito?

Social Selling With TwitterConfidence is a personality trait all successful sales professionals inherently possess. But, what happens when confidence morphs into entitlement and narcissism?

At Sales for Life, we teach the importance of building your personal brand as an integral component of our 12 step social selling routine.

Over time, your audience will look to you for opinions, information, and answers to their complex business challenges.

That’s powerful.

However, as LinkedIn networks grow, Twitter followers accumulate, and Klout scores increase, sales professionals are tempted to become a Brandito.

A Brandito is not a social seller. A Brandito is consumed with building his/her personal brand at the expense of all others, including the buyer.

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Is Sharing Content a WASTE of Time? (Video)

Is Sharing Content a WASTE of Time

It’s troubling to hear when senior sales executives think sharing content is a waste of time.

Is it though?

Are Sales Conversations a Waste of Time?

If you’re a sales superstar that has absolutely no trouble in striking up new sales conversations, then please don’t read any further. Sorry to have wasted 30 seconds of your life.

However, if you’re a sales professional who wants or needs to have more sales conversations on an ongoing basis, then please read on. Sharing content, my friends, is NOT a waste of time. In fact, in today’s day and age, it’s a downright necessity! Don’t believe anyone that tells you otherwise. They simply don’t understand or don’t have your best interest at heart.

Watch this video to learn more.