#S4LSocial: Are You a Brandito?

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Social Selling With TwitterConfidence is a personality trait all successful sales professionals inherently possess. But, what happens when confidence morphs into entitlement and narcissism?

At Sales for Life, we teach the importance of building your personal brand as an integral component of our 12 step social selling routine.

Over time, your audience will look to you for opinions, information, and answers to their complex business challenges.

That’s powerful.

However, as LinkedIn networks grow, Twitter followers accumulate, and Klout scores increase, sales professionals are tempted to become a Brandito.

A Brandito is not a social seller. A Brandito is consumed with building his/her personal brand at the expense of all others, including the buyer.

That is not only dangerous, but counter-productive to social selling.

The buyer is, and should be, the primary focus of your social selling efforts.

As sales professionals, your goal is to provide value to potential prospects and buyers during all stages of their buying journey.

Establishing a personal brand and becoming a thought leader is part of this process, not the entire process.

When sales professionals have their “Sally Field” social media moment – you like me, you really like me – remember to ask yourself one fundamental question: does your buyer really care?

To a Brandito, the buyer is secondary. And soon, his/her social selling career will be, as well.

Learn more about how to build your personal brand effectively for Social Selling and avoid membership in Generation Me during our weekly #S4LSocial Twitter chat, which continues every Wednesday at 12 p.m. ET.

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5 Questions for #S4LSocial – 12 p.m. ET Wednesday, July 9

Q1: What are the primary steps for building your personal brand for #SocialSelling?

Q2: What is the difference between establishing a personal brand and thought leadership? Are they mutually exclusive?

Q3: How do you achieve the proper balance between personal branding (all about me) and the buyer (all about you)?

Q4: What do you do when someone talks too much about him/herself on social media under the guise of “#SocialSelling”?

Q5: How do you know if you are a Brandito?

Kevin Thomas Tully

See you Wednesday at 12 p.m. ET on Twitter at #S4LSocial. For those of you who are new, I moderate the chat and you can find me at @kevinttully.


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