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#S4LSocial: Connect or Sell? Or Both?

Social Selling With TwitterAs the Social Selling revolution continues to captivate the sales industry, the most successful and forward-thinking sales representatives utilize social media to connect and capture more business than ever previously imagined.

According to an oft-quoted statistic from Jim Keenan, a whopping 78 percent of sales people using social media outsell their peers who aren’t using social.

Think about that.

But the real question to ask is, “How is this accomplished?” If your primary goal is to use social media merely as a means to an end – a “connect and close” mentality – in all likelihood you probably don’t reside among the top-performing 78th percentile.

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The Biggest Sales Training Problem: Curriculum Stagnation

Sales Training’s Biggest Problem

Look at your sales training content. When was the last time it got a face lift?

Not only are PowerPoint slides old, but how about the application of the curriculum? How about the delivery of the training? Are you still relying on half-day workshops?

Sales enablement does not get the respect it deserves. Internal sales training is typically underfunded, underinvested and undervalued. The result is new hire training and/or sales “top up” training that looked the same as last year, and the year before. WAKE UP! The sales world is changing faster than the speed at which computers are being replaced by the next model.