The Biggest Sales Training Problem: Curriculum Stagnation

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Sales Training’s Biggest Problem

Look at your sales training content. When was the last time it got a face lift?

Not only are PowerPoint slides old, but how about the application of the curriculum? How about the delivery of the training? Are you still relying on half-day workshops?

Sales enablement does not get the respect it deserves. Internal sales training is typically underfunded, underinvested and undervalued. The result is new hire training and/or sales “top up” training that looked the same as last year, and the year before. WAKE UP! The sales world is changing faster than the speed at which computers are being replaced by the next model.

Here are the MANY moving parts every sales leader should be keeping in mind.

1. Your reps have changed

Your reps are getting younger, and gosh, are they different than your old reps. Gen Y approach clients in a completely different way than you’re used to. Plus, they seem to spend a lot of time on social networks.

These reps don’t want to sit in a workshop for half a day. They’ll remember nothing. Have you adjusted your content to these new sales reps?

2. Your buyer has changed

I shouldn’t have to even mention this, but the buyer has clearly changed. The power is in their hands now, thanks to Google and social networks. Spend all the time you want training reps on pricing negotiating and qualifying your client, but if you can’t start new, engaging conversations with prospect your funnel is going to dry up fast! How much of your curriculum is focused on the top of the sales funnel?

3. Your team’s learning methods have changed

Do you really think your new Gen Y team is going to learn with workshops and PowerPoint? Have you spend 5 minutes with them? They multi-task like crazy, with the attention span of a squirrel. How are you adjusting to the “YouTube generation”?

4. Your team’s window to success has changed

No longer does a buyer identify their issues, call in 3-5 companies to listen to product presentations, round up budget, and purchase. The world is too fluid now. Your buyer has begun learning and trusting suppliers they HAVEN’T EVER USED YET – LONG BEFORE you think they have. If you only knew how many of your readers have subconsciously been digesting social selling, and formulating an opinion about vendors, without even knowing it.

Your buyer acts quick when they want something, lightning quick! Are your sales reps baking these buyers out, and ready to slam on the oven mitts quickly when the deal is done baking? Your sales reps have a lot less influence on the deal once their in presentation/proposal mode, than you think!

Want to get started quickly and painlessly with social selling, connect with me using the button below and we’ll chat.

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