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My First 2 Weeks as a Social Seller: 500% More LinkedIn Profile Views

Social SellerWithin my first two weeks as a social seller, I’ve seen a 500% increase in the views of my LinkedIn profile and added 80+ new connections to my network.

If you’re a member of my network on LinkedIn or Twitter you may have noticed a massive increase in my activity level as of late. If you’ve checked out any of the content that I’ve been posting you will likely have noticed that it is all centered around “Social Selling.” What you may not know is why this increase in my activity has taken place. Here’s my story for anyone out there that’s interested.

Two weeks ago I started a new job as a Principal (and soon to be Sales Trainer) at a small but rapidly expanding online sales training organization named Sales for Life. Sales for Life has quickly become a global leader in social selling training as well as a helpful resource to sales reps and managers, like myself, that have found it difficult to continually meet their growing sales targets. Basically, Sales for Life can train you to be a social seller.