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Attitudes Are Contagious, is Yours Worth Catching?

Have you ever heard these words spoken by other sales reps?

  • How come Bill gets all the big deals and we don’t…
  • If I only had a better territory…
  • If I only had better leads…
  • My manager micro manages me…
  • I’d hit plan, but my boss put me in a crappy territory…
  • The new comp plan sucks…
  • Finance lost another deal by refusing terms…
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Sales Tips – Find Your Prospects Email Address for FREE

Sales Tips – Sales professionals are always looking for a quick, easy way to identify their prospects email address. This video will show you in 30 seconds how to catch ANY prospects email address you need.

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Linkedin Profile Tips – Drag & Drop Information to the Top

Sales professionals forget to look at their LinkedIn profile as the expensive real estate on a newspaper. The information at the top of page #1, is where most of your readers go. This is a quick video to show you how Social Sellers move information around in their profile to maximize effectiveness.

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Essential Tools for Sales 2.0 Professionals

We at Sales for Life are constantly asked – what tools do you use and recommend-? Here is a video showing the essential tools that we use to be successful sales & marketing professionals.

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10 Tips, Trick, Tactics to Increasing Sales Opportunities

Increased Sales

Sales Managers understand they need a long-term inside sales strategy, but many times can lose focus and seek the quick win. While the quick win is – well a quick win, I’ve compiled a list of 10 tasks you can implement tomorrow that will have a quick (90 day) impact on your business by increasing sales opportunities.These are in no particular order.

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Top 10 – Sales Tools You Need For Your Growing Business

Sales Tools

You keep hearing the term Sales 2.0, and wonder “am I one of those companies?” Simply put, if you are investing in technology to help create greater ROI in your sales process in your – then yes.

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Control the Ultimate Sales Paradigm – the “Parent/Child Relationship”

Sales Paradigm

When most sales reps are pitching, they view their world as a “Buyer and Seller.” It’s a showdown between the buyers never-ending reluctance to move forward, versus the sellers constant pushing for the close. Unfortunately, this mentality leads to basic sales training to “have a pipeline thick enough to weather any storm – keep throwing leads against the wall until one sticks.” If you or your sales reps are stuck in this rut, you need to learn about SOCIAL VALUE.

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How to Avoid the “Crazy” During the Hiring Process

The Hiring Process

Our client has recently experienced “you can’t account for crazy when you hire”. As hiring managers, we have all experienced this.

  • Resume looks good
  • Interview was professional
  • References are clean
  • Punctual & engaged first week
  • The personal issues begin to unravel and turn into an HR nightmare within 90-180 days