Social Sellers Are Makers, Not Takers (Video)

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Whether we believe it or not, sales people are viewed with a suspicious eye by buyers.

If you disagree with this viewpoint, you need only look around you in society to see how our profession is perceived.

Whose fault is it that we’ve been painted in this light?

Hard to Tell

It’s hard to tell where the fault lies, but one thing is for sure. We are responsible for some (if not most) of it. We can’t control what anyone else does but we can at least control what each and every one of us does. If anything, our actions are at least in our control.

That being said, the question remains: are you a maker or a taker?

The Takers

The takers are those that ask before they give. Takers:
1. Ask for a prospect’s time before they give the prospect a sound understanding of why they deserve it.
2. Are more focused on immediate gratification: the transaction versus the long-term relationship.

The Makers

The makers are in it for the long-term and realize that:
1. Value must be delivered FIRST as a prerequisite to any sales relationship.
2. They shouldn’t expect anything in return for the value. They focus on delivering value with revenue as a by-product.

Watch the video here to learn more.

The Bottom Line

There is enough proof of sales success if one were to focus on delivering tremendous value before asking for anything in return. Social selling helps with delivering the value because the emphasis is on sharing ideas and best practices that help in your buyer’s journey. Plus, it allows you to build a brand of knowledge and expertise so your buyers can get to know you and build trust in you.

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