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What The World’s Fastest Growing Firms Have In Common

In every race, the winners tend to share commonalities. Right now, the companies growing faster than their peers have done so with a winning combination of investment in technology and talent. Those falling behind tended to bet their revenues on improving legacy systems. This is just a sample of the insights that have emerged from KMPG’s report on Harnessing Disruption for Growth.

The study aggregated answers from hundreds of international execs at companies with valuations ranging from $500 million to $100 billion. Analysts have parsed the data, culling the most valuable information on how global markets and market winners operate today.

The core message is that those who have posted strong growth numbers despite massive market changes are those who have prioritized talent with sales education and experience with emerging technologies. The companies have pursued a three-fold strategy of retraining employees, deploying technology for better agility and solidifying company culture that has resulted in a decisive competitive advantage.

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