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Social Selling Mythbusters: Why Tools Aren’t Enough

Social Selling Mythbusters:Companies are at an all-time low with CRM adoption. Their sales teams rarely use the “software stack” they’ve been given, yet they pile on more sales tools to solve complex issues. You’re telling me that it’s better to apply a sales tool to a sales rep (like giving them a calculator) than to teach them to think through the equation (head math)? If so, my old Finance 200 professor would freak out right now.

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The One Edit That Could Save Your Content


I’m willing to bet that very few people have read a blog post, spotted a typo and said, “Well, I guess I’m out of here.”

But I’d put even more money down for every reader who has visited a blog post and left because they were confused, intimidated, overwhelmed, or saw no immediate value.