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Who’s Prospecting Who? Buyers are Prospecting You!

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You read that right! Your buyers are prospecting you now. As much as you’re prospecting them, they’re also prospecting you.

Whereas you had access to information before, that’s just no longer the case. And here’s the deadliest part in all of this: your buyer is doing this out in the open. You’re just not aware of it. You’re too busy cold calling, e-mailing and going to happy hours to notice!

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5 Ways To Make Sales Training More Effective

Resources For Online Learning

Out of all the components of sales training, where should you focus your attention to achieve greater effectiveness? There are five areas that have the greatest impact on sales enablement. After studying the comments from chief sales officers (CSOs) at more than 1200 companies, Accenture has identified some of the most powerful ways to prepare your team for more effective sales.