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6 Steps to Content Creation for Salespeople

6 Steps to Content Creation for Salespeople

Achieving success in the social selling world directly correlates to one thing above everything else: ENGAGEMENT.

As social sellers, we constantly seek to engage our buyers by providing them valuable information on an ongoing basis. In order to do this, we must have an ample amount of relevant content to share with our networks.

In content marketing, there are two main ways of gathering valuable content to share with your network; content creation and content curation.

Both are very important in an optimal content strategy mix but this post is going to solely focus on the steps you need to take to CREATE valuable content for your business network.

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Social Selling With Twitter

One of the stated advantages of technology, in general, and social media, in particular, is that it allows sales professionals to become more productive.

Sales tasks that once required days or weeks – making connections, for example – can be distilled to mere hours, or minutes, or seconds through the use of essential social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.