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The 4 Sales Fundamentals That Matter Most

What do the successful sales initiatives of multi-billion dollar enterprises, early-stage start-ups, tech and healthcare companies all have in common?

Every time, the success of the sales effort often comes down to consistent execution of the fundamentals.

This shouldn’t be surprising. In baseball, especially the playoffs, experts often note how key games come down to things as simple as catching and throwing the ball. Or running the bases. Fundamentals that are easy to overlook, yet can make or break your success.

It’s no different in sales. There are no shortcuts, and the fundamentals that will drive success can just as easily be forgotten, or ignored, or brushed aside when things get particularly busy.

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Social Selling Reduces the Cost Per Lead

Our data shows that it costs 75% less to generate leads on social media than on other channels. At the bare minimum, social selling is something that you should be exploring.

In the world of B2B sales and marketing, we’ve always been fascinated with a few key KPIs that help us manage our business. One of them is cost per lead.

Your sales team is hard at work every day generating leads and chances are that your marketing department is out there generating marketing qualified leads so your sales people can transform them into viable opportunities.