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New LinkedIn Tool – Build Social Connections With LinkedIn Mention

Build Social Connections

Really smart move on LinkedIn’s part. If you see something in the market that works, duplicate it!

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Social Selling KPI’s – Sourced Versus Influenced

Social Selling

As a CSO or VP Sales, you want to know the ROI of any sales activity. You have a complete handle on your lead generation efforts, your pipeline activity, and your closing ratios.

All of the sudden, over the last 18 months, your sales reps are starting to spend an inordinate amount of time on LinkedIn. That’s great, as you’ve heard through the grapevine that a few deals got kicked off because of LinkedIn. The snowball effect has only just begun, as you’re being asked to acquire more licenses to products like Jigsaw, and you’re being called by LinkedIn Sales Solutions to look at TeamLink or Sales Navigator. Subjectively, you know that LinkedIn is great for your team, but you have no empirical evidence of success.

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Stop Wondering if Prospects Are Reading Your Emails – Meet ContactMonkey

Meet Contact Monkey