Content Roundup: Once Upon A Content Marketing Time

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Once upon a time, there lived a troubled B2B content marketer. While this marketer had everything any good content marketer could wish for—a documented content strategy, a super productive content team, and an Uberflip Hub—there was just one thing he was having trouble accomplishing.

He couldn’t tell a good story to save his life. And as much as he knew that storytelling was the key to unlocking the Content Kingdom, the existence of the key eluded him.

Will our hero find the key to B2B storytelling? Find out in this week’s #ContentRoundup.

The Neuroscience of Storytelling (for Presentations)

Did you know that stories can activate seven regions of your brain? Seven is the most magical number… no wonder humans like stories so much. Learn more about why storytelling works in this infographic from Ethos3.

A Mildly Spooky Illustration of “Reason Why” Copy

Every brand story needs a good hook. Storytelling master Demian Farnworth explains why using a story (yes, this is what inspired the introduction for this week’s roundup) can enhance your copy in this edition of the Rough Draft podcast.

Product is Not the Hero in B2B Storytelling

As much as your product may or may not save the day, your content marketing simply won’t work if you frame it as the hero. Learn what you should do instead in this post by Marketing Interactions.

The Three Whats of Storytelling

The actual formula for telling a brand story is simple: It needs a purpose (what?), a meaning (so what?) and a twist (wait! what?). Learn how to deploy this format over on Michael Brenner’s blog.

15 B2B Resources for Better Storytelling

Hey, it’s difficult to just come up with a story whenever you need one. In times of trouble, check out some of these resources listed on the Lander blog.

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