The Executive Guide To Social Selling Success 2016 Edition

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Learn what it takes to digitally transform your company and accelerate revenue with Social Selling

After years of training over 50,000 sales reps from 100’s of companies based all around the world we have found one fundamental truth. This truth is that no matter who is bought into the digital transformation within your company, unless your executive team is bought in, the project runs a huge risk of not being adopted correctly or indoctrinated into the company’s DNA.

Sales for Life have teamed up with Trapit to provide you with this executive focused ebook which will highlight the strategy and process needed for leaders who are interested in implementing Social Selling within their organization.

After reading this eBook you will understand:

  • Statistics that prove the value of integrating Social Selling into your teams sales process

  • Whether or not Social Selling is a fit for your company

  • The importance of aligning sales, marketing and sales enablement teams

  • How to implement a training program that addresses all styles of adult learning


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The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling