What Does A Sales Leader Say About Implementing Social Selling?

Amar Sheth
Amar Sheth

Mario Martinez Jr. Views On Social Selling“Changing the way you do business to create opportunity can be hard within an organization” says Mario Martinez Jr. Mario is a Regional Vice President of Sales at PGi, a leading global software and communications provider.

He is right. Social Selling today is beginning to make an impact on the way buyers can be approached and how B2B sellers can be invited into solutions-based conversations.

I invited him on the show to discuss how Sales Leadership can begin to think about Social Selling and incorporate it – bit by bit – into the activity cadence and sales process of their organizations. He is poignant, hard-hitting and provides key insights for any sales leader today who is asking, “How do I get my team more social?”

Watch and hear his insights here. The entire interview is a must-watch!

Here, I’ll provide you with some of the biggest nuggets I walked away with and I’m confident you’ll find them valuable.

The New Activity Cadence

Every sales leader and individual contributor today needs to have Social Selling, cold calling and e-mailing in their new activity cadence. All three of these together can help make a better impact towards finding, educating and engaging more buyers.

All merge together and all should be used to strive towards over achieving on quota. This means that all are important and all should be paid attention to equally.

Engage With Insights

At the bare minimum today, every sales team needs to be on social media engaging with insights. This advice should resonate with sales leadership as this is a common goal we all have. We’re all trying to add value to the equation whenever we get in contact with buyers but the challenge is doing this when the buyer is not with us.

Sharing content should be every sales person’s goal as it can help shape the buyer’s opinions and educate them pre-conversation or between conversations.

The Advice for Management

The best piece of advice Mario has for sales leaders is “you have to remember that Social Selling is a marathon, not a sprint.” Remember folks, this is a long-term opportunity. You will have quick wins but adoption and results will start to develop in the first 3-4 months.

Secondly, sales leaders should be leading the charge with Social Selling. Reps will do what’s required and will take your lead. Be engaged and sales reps will also be engaged. This ties back to the activity cadence mentioned above.

The Bottom Line

Mario hasn’t been on social for that long and despite this, he’s one of the leading voices evangelizing the value of social today. It’s not because it’s a hobby for him. He knows that buyers today are starting their research and education process online and realizes that his reps can add significant value in this consideration process.

What pieces of advice from Mario did you find helpful? Share your thoughts! If you agree or disagree with anything discussed, we’d like to hear from you. All dialog is good!

You can tweet Mario @M_3jr or connect with him on LinkedIn. You can also tweet me @AmarSheth or reach out to me on LinkedIn as well.

Regional V.P. of Sales, ECS West Area

Mario Martinez Jr. is the RVP of Sales PGi. He is responsible for managing all sales activities & customer satisfaction within the Enterprise, Public Sector & SMB in the West. He has managed revenues of up to $300M and is well known for his leadership and turn around team expertise. In addition, he is a Motivational Speaker and Social Selling Expert with a LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) score of 99 out of 100! As a Speaker he teaches, trains, motivates sales leaders and teams on how to take themselves to the next level. Follow him on LinkedIn, Twitter and/or view his website at

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