The Executive’s View: How Effective Is Your Sales Enablement? [Infographic]

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Is an email attachment the primary way you distribute content to your sales team? If you answered yes, well first off, you’re part of the 27% that do this and secondly, that’s a major problem.

This is just one of the many challenges found in a survey performed by Seismic of over 100 enterprise sales and marketing executives. The results speak for themselves but they’ve revealed a glaring problem with sales effectiveness and a struggle to find a corrective solution.

  • 60.2% of deals are getting stuck in the sales process.
  • 43.5% state that sales forecasting is based on arbitrary/agenda-driven input, not data.
  • 41.7% report that there is a lack of insight into what marketing campaigns are most effective in generating sales.

Many of these executives interviewed know that the need for sales enablement is necessary but it’s the elephant in the room. Only 43.5% of respondents are taking steps to formalize a review process between sales and marketing.

How does your organization compare? Check out the infographic below!


Sales Enablement Problems and Solutions

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