Social Selling Success Story: 15 Appointments and a $150,000+ Opportunity in 3 Weeks

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Social Success Factor John LivettJohn Livett at Signifyd has a solid grasp of using social media channels to boost his contact rate with potential buyers. He’s also converting those appointments to opportunities with style.

As the Sales Manager of this start-up, he’s pretty much got the entire weight of the pipeline on his shoulders. That’s a lot of pressure for any bloke to handle. Since he’s started at this company, John has been using social media (and primarily LinkedIn) to his advantage.

From creating lead lists to researching the ins and outs of what’s happening with potential buyers, he’s using social media as seriously as any other form of sales tool.

What’s the result? In 3 weeks John was able to land 15 appointments and was able to convert one of them into a $150K-$200K opportunity. That’s a huge number for any sales pro, but just think about what that means for a start-up!

John attributes this success to getting creative and using a healthy dose of LinkedIn to get his message out there.

Watch the video to learn more. Note: sorry for the echo, this was before the days where I had invested in a good microphone! Don’t hold the sound quality against John, his story is super motivational and should be seen and heard by all sales professionals.

Take it away, John.

Social selling

The Bottom Line

Sales professionals the world over are starting to discover the new reality: buyers are going online to look for information and research products and services. Nothing new there, we all do this. Now we know it’s happening even in the B2B world with complex solutions of all kinds.

As a sales person you’ve got a huge opportunity to start standing out and getting your message in front of buyers online. Need some guidance? We’ve got resources to help you. Feel free to contact me below to learn more as well.

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