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Top 4 Social Selling Alerts for Sales Reps [Webinar]

4 Quota-Busting Social Selling Alerts for Sales RepsWatch this 20-minute webinar to learn about using different social selling alerts to identify business opportunities.

This webinar from Sales for Life and Gabe Villamizar, the Social Media Manager at, was presented at the Sales Acceleration Summit.

“The future of sales learning is in peer-to-peer, sales rep-to-sales rep collaboration. The best companies are learning to create that collaborative “CROWDSOURCING” environment internally. Your sales team wants to learn from other sales reps; best practices, tips, tricks and tactics.”

Blog Social Selling Webinar

4 Quota-Busting Social Selling Tips for LinkedIn [Webinar]

4 Quota-Busting Social Selling Tips for LinkedInStop wasting time on LinkedIn. Listen to this fast paced, 30-minute webinar to learn how to turn it into a revenue-generating machine that sends you leads on a regular basis.

This webinar from Sales for Life and Sean Burke, the Chief Revenue Officer from Kitedesk, will provide you with insightful and practical social selling tips for LinkedIn that you can start using today.

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Use LinkedIn to alert you of sales opportunities in your targeted accounts
  • Use advanced LinkedIn tools to grow your pipeline
  • Increase your close ratio by 2-4 times via LinkedIn
  • Connect LinkedIn to your CRM and add contacts in a few clicks
  • Get warm introductions directly from LinkedIn
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Social Selling Success Story: 15 Appointments and a $150,000+ Opportunity in 3 Weeks

Social Success Factor John LivettJohn Livett at Signifyd has a solid grasp of using social media channels to boost his contact rate with potential buyers. He’s also converting those appointments to opportunities with style.

As the Sales Manager of this start-up, he’s pretty much got the entire weight of the pipeline on his shoulders. That’s a lot of pressure for any bloke to handle. Since he’s started at this company, John has been using social media (and primarily LinkedIn) to his advantage.

From creating lead lists to researching the ins and outs of what’s happening with potential buyers, he’s using social media as seriously as any other form of sales tool.