Is Your Old School Sales Process Killing Your Recruiting?

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Sales ProcessThe next generation of sales reps will bounce from job to job until they find cultures and sales processes that align with the ways they work.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I’ve been emailed or received a LinkedIn messaged 4x in the last 30 days on sales jobs.

But the inquiry is not “can you introduce me”…

The inquiry is “what companies would you recommend that GET social selling?”

As the message below shows, the Gen Y sales recruits that you’re going after are interested in leveraging tools that they’re used to in their daily lives.

Sales Process

How often do you see somebody in Gen Y or a millennial actually SPEAKING on their cell phones? And you want them to make 100 cold calls a day?

How are you going to account for this?

Sales reps are going to come into your office and see a never ending sea of cubicles. Then, when they ask you about activity expectations and you say “we typically make 50 – 100 dials a day”… or better yet, “you’re measured on talk time!”… GET READY FOR THIS!

Sales Process


Social Selling Breakup

One of the eureka moments for me was when Kevin Coppins @ Meru Networks told me about his social selling strategies (and how they are tied to recruitment).

It hit me like a ton of bricks – you have a generation of sales reps coming into companies that will be FORCING their employers to embrace social selling, either from day 1 or over time.

The Bottom Line

These same sales reps will bounce from job to job until they find a culture that matches THEIR culture!

If your sales processes don’t align with the cultural expectations of sales reps who are from gen Y or a millennial, you lose.

Are you ready to bring your sales process into the 21st century? Book some time in my calendar and let’s get started.

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