Ensuring Account Engagement With LinkedIn’s ‘Relationship Flows’

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Social Selling

In Version 2.0, Module #7 (Create Action in your Account) of our Social Selling training curriculum, we had been training sales professionals with named accounts to “Social Surround the account”. The reason is simple, you don’t want to get caught being “Single Threaded”, as you see from this slide:

Single Threaded

If a decision-maker or champion in your account leaves, you need to eliminate the possibility of having 0 relationships in the account.

In this Module, we actively work with sales professionals on tactical steps to ensure being wider and deeper in the account. Unfortunately the organizational charting of the company has been a manual process for sales professionals. We as sales professionals know we need to “Shrink the Pie of people we DON’T know in the account”, but road-mapping this can be cumbersome.


At LinkedIn, they knew they needed to solve that issue and are now releasing “Relationship Flow”, a tool that will show you:

a) What % of profiles you’re also connected within your named accounts
b) How you stack rank against your competitors
c) Who is gaining ground on the account – you or your competitor?

This is an amazing metric for sales leaders; a perfect tool to help ensure your sales team is NOT SINGLE THREADED and truly making an effort to Socially Surround accounts!

Take a look at some screenshots of Relationship Flows:

Relationship Report

Bar Graph


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