[Case Study] One Company Grew $8.9 Million In New Opportunities And Won 13 Deals With Social Selling

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Buyers are making purchases much differently today.

They’re online doing their research on social media and various professional networks such as LinkedIn without ever touching the phone. This is a challenge for many sales teams.

The sales team at HireRight realized they needed to make a change and it needed to happen fast. They reached out to us because they were lacking the know-how on Social Selling and wanted to learn a curriculum that really focused on accelerating revenue through social. So we finally made the commitment and worked with them to tackle the modern day sales challenges.


Within 6 months of taking the Social Selling Mastery program, their team grew $8,900,000 in opportunity pipeline with 13 closed deals won. Their team increased opportunities at the top of their sales funnel, shortened their sales cycle and increased the percentage of sales professionals that hit quota.

Are you struggling to keep up with the modern buyer? Check out the following Case Study on HireRight to learn how they succeeded.


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