Case Study: How Booker Pulled Off a Content-Driven Turnaround

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Inbound marketing with content at its core is typically a more cost-effective and efficient approach when compared to less-targeted outbound tactics.

But what exactly does that difference look like off paper and in the real world?

That’s the story of Booker, Uberflip customer and leader in end-to-end business management software for service-based businesses, whose marketing team was able to shift their strategy and start using content to attract the right leads, educate prospects and build an efficient marketing funnel.

The Problem: Old school marketing

Booker’s marketing team sourced the majority of their leads from online paid channels and focused heavily on outbound tactics to acquire customers:

  • Inbound leads drove around half of all closed deals, while cold calling drove the rest
  • Leads from Paid Search led Organic Leads by a 5 to 1 ratio
  • There was no process for driving upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Booker sought to pull off a content-driven turnaround. But without a content strategy or a dedicated content team, and with their Marketo marketing automation in a state of disarray, many things needed to fall into place in order to do so.

What Booker’s marketing team needed was:

1.      A single destination for all of their content to live and their people, processes and partners to work in unison.

2.      A way to generate more qualified leads from their content to hand over to their Sales team, and a simple way to gate premium content for lead generation without building time-consuming landing pages .

3.      An easy way to organize their content along with the ability to make changes quickly.

4.      A system to track how contacts engaged with their content to improve lead scoring, from the top of the funnel all the way to when they were handed off to their sales team.

5.      Seamless integration with Marketo and existing content platforms for their content strategy to work in tandem with their marketing automation.

The Solution: Redefined processes and a focus on content

With a tight deadline of 3 weeks to launch, Booker imported all of their existing content, from blog posts, videos, and premium PDF guides from their Drupal CMS to an Uberflip Hub.

In that time they also managed to connect their existing Marketo ecosystem to their Uberflip Content Hub to sync all the new contacts they generated with their marketing automation.

Booker was able to:

  • Streamline their content marketing by focusing their marketing team’s attention on their process, Hub and integrations rather than working in silos.
  • Gate premium content within their Content Hub experience with easy-to-deploy, less interruptive Overlay CTAs to tease and qualify more leads from their visitors.
  • Organize content into contextual streams around specific topics to better engage and target their buyer personas.
  • Convert customers with content and work hand-in-hand with Sales more effectively.

With a content strategy that now focused on targeting niches that they served,  Booker was able to attract more qualified visitors from specific service-based industries with a higher likelihood of converting them into leads with contextual messaging.

The Result: Dramatic improvement

Booker was able to turn their marketing strategy around with Uberflip, Marketo, a rockstar content strategy and improved processes.

Within a year, they were able to:

  • Decrease their cost per lead by 71%
  • Decrease their cost per acquisition by 49%
  • Cut lead generation spend by over 60%
  • Leverage inbound marketing to drive 95% of closed deals virtually eliminating the need for cold calling
  • Triple inbound lead volume
  • Increase unique visits to their Uberflip-powered blog by 1,600%
  • Outpace paid acquisition channels with organic leads by an 11:1 ratio
  • Secure 50% of upsell and cross-sell opportunities driven by content and marketing automation

By centralizing their existing content, defining more efficient processes, and eliminating the bottleneck of building Marketo landing pages, Booker was able to achieve dramatically better results from their marketing efforts.

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