What 365 Days Of Social Selling Did For Me

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin
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What 365 Days of Social Selling Did for MeWhat a year it has been, It’s hard to believe that it’s actually been a little over a year since I joined Sales for Life and started my journey to Social Selling success. In case you missed it, I’ve documented my past successes as a social seller at the 2 week and 3 month marks. Now one year later as I look back, all I can say is, my my, how time flies!

Over the past year, I have seen some spectacular results by adding Social Selling activity to my daily sales habits. I am finding it easier than ever before to meet and beat my quota. I am making more money than I have in any previous sales role. And most importantly, I’m happier than I’ve ever been before.

Now that is not to say that money equals happiness. Far from it. But making enough money each month to afford a few extra comforts and still have some left over for savings is way less stressful than living paycheck-to-paycheck. Let’s dive into some specifics:

Recent Successes

In the last year I have:

  • Closed over $395K in socially driven deals for my company
  • Added $600K in socially driven opportunities to our sales pipeline
  • Started earning a six-figure income for the first time in my life
  • Managed my money better by starting an investment portfolio and savings account
  • Moved into a spacious 2-bedroom apartment in Toronto which is walking distance from our office
  • Improved my health by working out with a personal trainer 3 times/week because I can finally afford it
  • Taken a week long scuba diving trip to the Bahamas with my Dad which I paid for upfront
  • But most importantly, I have trained over 790 sales reps worldwide in Social Selling tactics so they can begin to improve the quality of their lives as well!

And I did all of this without making a single cold call!

Again, I’m well aware that this probably comes off as bragging. I, however, want to assure you that the sole purpose of documenting these successes is to illustrate my personal journey for the benefit of others.

Life Before Social Selling

Things have not always been so easy for me. Yes, I came from a middle-class family with more than enough to get by. But for most of my adult life I have lived paycheck-to-paycheck and struggled to make rent. I’ve had my phone service suspended three times for unpaid bills, had my power shut off twice, and was almost evicted on more than one occasion. I’ve felt the anguish of being drowned in debt with no way to claw back to the surface and I’ve suffered the emotional turmoil that comes with it all.

I can now look back on these hard times with gratitude because they’ve provided me with contrast. A lot of people, myself included, get into sales initially because the potential earnings are often higher than other jobs. What I’ve learned (the hard way) though is that unlimited potential earnings mean nothing if DRIVE is not present. And drive can not exist without loving what you do. Certainly not for any extended period of time anyways.

Sure, you could make $100,000 – $200,000 a year in a lot of sales roles, if you’re incredibly motivated. Sounds great in theory. The reality, however, is that most sales professionals end up making way less than potential earnings because they dread picking up the phone 100+ times a day only to speak with people that are constantly annoyed to hear from them. And who can blame them?

I used to dread going to work every day. The only thing that kept me going in past sales roles were the teams around me. I genuinely loved the sales teams that I worked with. But that wasn’t enough to motivate me to crush my quota. I was only doing the bare minimum required to keep my job.

I Actually Enjoy Selling

Social Selling has motivated me in a way no other sales methodology can because it has fundamentally changed the way that I interact with clients on a daily basis. Not only do I like engaging with prospects online more but my prospects also like it more because it aligns better with their buyer’s journey. It is a win-win.

Just think about it: when you are looking to make a purchasing decision, buying a new car for example, do you start your buying journey by picking up the phone or checking your inbox? NO!! Just like your customers, you start your buying journey ONLINE. You go to Google, research new vehicles, select a few different options that meet your needs, compare prices and ultimately someone wins your business. Your customers are the exact same.

So why treat them any differently? Do you like receiving cold calls? Your customers don’t either. Instead, they want to go online and learn from you in a way that is comfortable and unpressured. Social Selling can make that happen.

Proof Is In The Pudding

I am living proof that there is a better way and I have Social Selling to thank. I know that sounds a little cheesy but it is true none-the-less. Social Selling has not only helped me improve my sales performance, it has increased the overall enjoyment I experience at work every day.

That’s not to say that adopting Social Selling will end all of your financial woes or change your life overnight. But if you’re in a B2B sales role, adding Social Selling to your sales toolbelt could be a HUGE step in the right direction. And there are thousands of others out there just like me that are improving their lives every day by joining the ranks of Social Selling Rockstars.

So come on and join the party, the water is warm and your customers are already lounging poolside waiting for you.

Thanks for joining me on my road to Social Selling success! 😀


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