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Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Social Selling actually delivers on the long-held and correct belief that buyers purchase from those that add the most value. The psychology behind this is sound, but the problem has always been the medium. The phone and e-mail are interruption technologies in the world of B2B sales when cold calling. This can never allow significant value to be delivered by most organizations and, as a result, the “price advantage” becomes increasingly more leveraged by sales reps and management.

STOP! You don’t have to do this.

Insofar as price goes, most sales professionals and executive leaders forget that it’s really a misleading thought. The real conversation is about perceived value. And research shows time and time again that buyers will happily pay for value.

If you’re not prepared to add value then expect the realistic demand to fiddle with the price and/or add more to sweeten the deal.

Why Social Selling Delivers on the Promise of Value

Social Selling allows you to use social channels to connect with buyers. These channels are not interruption technologies, and buyers engage you when they see something they like. There is no pressure or force being applied by you. No over-the-top methods to keep them on the phone longer. Let your words do all the talking now. As you share content, your buyers will see that. If it’s valuable content, they’ll actually sit up and take note.

Don’t think your buyer is online? There is a mountain of evidence that shows that not only are your buyers online, but they are knee-deep in research. They also connect with and participate in conversations with vendors in these channels.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, the shift in conversations. Instead of you battling to get face time, your customer actually engages you based on the value you’re providing online.

The Preferred Medium of Choice

Human beings hate being pressured and, sadly, that’s how cold calling is perceived. Social Selling should be your preferred medium of choice moving forward because it allows a comfortable and unpressured buyer to reach out to you when ready.

As your content gets more relevant, which comes with practice, greater engagement will be the natural by-product.

We all want to add value and have the ability to showcase our USP. The phone and e-mail communication mediums used to be able to do this at one point, but now they are producing diminishing results.

The Bottom Line

Don’t stop selling, just change your medium. Social Selling isn’t difficult; it’s different. Check out these blog posts or these 10 Steps to Building a Social Selling Machine to help you with your social selling. I’m also happy to show you the ropes of social selling with some live tips and tactics. Arrange a time in my calendar below to start this conversation.

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