The Rise Of The Modern Sales Pro, What It Takes To Survive In 2020

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin
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rise-modern-sales-pro-survive-2020.jpgWhat is the future of sales? How do businesses and sales professionals get ready for the coming artificial intelligence wave? What is the importance of becoming a value-added facilitator rather than a traditional sales rep?

In this interview-style session, watch sales visionaries Jill Rowley and Tiffani Bova answer these questions and many more during their 25-minute insightful conversation about the future of sales. 

This recording is part of Digital Sales Engine, a day-long online summit designed to help attendees build a sales stack to improve sales performance and better serves your customers. Watch the rest of the highlights on-demand here

  • The customer is far more educated yet we tend to sell the same way. [Click to Tweet]

  • The buyer’s journey is fluid, not linear. [Click To Tweet]

  • It’s the job of the sales manager to make sure they’re developing the skills and talents of people, based on what they’re really good at. [Click to Tweet] 

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