The Great Debate: Should Sales Pros Create Their Own Content? [Video]

Amar Sheth
Amar Sheth
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Should Sales Pros Create Their Own Content?This has been a very hotly debated topic over the last 18 months or so. There are two camps of thought here and both sides are extremely passionate about their positions. What’s more, both camps make compelling and valid points.

So, what’s the answer? Should sales professionals write their own content? Yes, I mean physically write their own words down and publish blogs (using LinkedIn Publisher, your company’s corporate blog or creating their own blog)?

Check out this video to see my answer. And, be sure to read the expanded version below as well.

To Write, Or Not To Write, That Is The Question!

The answer is not as simple as we’d all like it to be. Here’s the first question you should ask yourself:

“Do I need to write my own original content to help contribute to more pipeline and revenue growth?”

The answer to this is clearly no. You don’t need to write original, thought-provoking content to generate interest, buzz and social engagement. It’s the social engagement that we should all be after. Regardless of whether you’re writing original content or sharing third-party content, engagement should be your ultimate objective.

Makes sense, right?

So there you have it my friends. If you’re not ready or comfortable in writing content, you don’t need to if your goal is to generate engagement and more sales conversations.

The Lethal Advantage in Writing Your Own Content

For those of you that are naturally inclined to try new things and are keen to supercharge your visibility, let me be brutally honest with you; there is nothing else quite like writing your own words down on paper.

It can be empowering, cathartic and it can certainly educate your buyers. It is also a massive differentiator between you, your peers, and your competitors. This is the outcome.

Are you ready to put in the effort to achieve this outcome?

You will need to make some serious commitments, some of these include:

1. Offer Insights & Educate the Buyer

  • Never settle for fluff. Think about your buyer and ask what value they’d receive by reading your views. Is your content good? Does it solve a need? Is it engaging? Does it spark relevant conversations? Remember, it’s all about engagement and ultimately supporting them along their buying journey.

2. Writing Regularly

  • Take my case for example. I write daily. I don’t publish daily but to keep the mind active and buzzing with creativity I find that it’s a must. You don’t have to write daily. But commit to writing “x” times per week or month. Seth Godin – one of my favorite business and marketing gurus – has not missed a beat in writing a fresh blog daily for the last few years. That’s POWERFUL!

3. Collaborate

  • Collaborating with peers, buyers, influencers, etc. in your industry will help you keep the sharing alive. Always offer other opinions in addition to your own. Give the buyer all the information they need to make an informed decision, even if this means they don’t buy from you.

Ultimately, if you are this committed, you will build your own mini-brand. This awareness and visibility will go a long way in making you stand out and separate yourself from a sea of noise which is the marketplace today for most of us. You will become a go-to resource in your industry.

The Bottom Line

Think about Gordon Ramsay from Hell’s Kitchen for a minute. If you were planning a special meal and had to choose between two chefs – one being Chef Sloppy Joe and the other being Gordon Ramsay– who do you go to? Most of us would choose Gordon Ramsay.

Why? Because he has created a brand for himself. He shares great insights and value with his buyers (diners) and happens to use the medium of Television to deliver this. If you’re ready to write your own content, you have to share valuable insights to your buyers. But, you’ll do it using the web & social media. This is where your buyers are starting to research, that’s why.

If you’re not ready, don’t sweat it. Build the discipline to share content daily. Don’t miss a beat.

Bottom line my friends, strive to help buyers and earn your engagement. Do you agree with my views here? Let me know! Tweet me @AmarSheth or connect with me on LinkedIn here.

Oh, what’s my personal opinion on this? It’s simple: the pen has always been mightier than the sword.


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