The Death Of The Closer: Why Social Sellers Are Here To Stay [Infographic]

Daniel Ku
Daniel Ku

Always be closing, remember when that was the motto? The day of the cold calling, pushy, aggressive salesperson is over. Salespeople as we knew them are bound to disappear. Why is that? Because the buyer has changed. You’ve heard that statement before but it’s time to take action.

Buyers are frustrated, in fact 46% of buyers feel salespeople who lack knowledge aren’t helpful at all and 44% are simply tired of unsolicited sales approaches a.k.a. cold calling. It’s time for change, these frustrations need to be left in the past.

Your buyer is expecting more from you and they won’t be expecting any less from you in the near future. Buyers want to be assured they made the right buying decision with the right sales person. Will they choose you?

The future is now. 80% of buyers know what they want before even contacting a vendor. Most importantly, 90% of buyers want vendors to consider themselves partners looking to win together. They want a salesperson who can provide trust, experience and insight. The following infographic by SAP describes why sales professionals today and the future should always be closing helping.

Future of Selling

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