Success Leaves Clues

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

I’m sure some of you have heard the saying success leaves clues before. I firmly believe this isn’t just a saying, but a universal truth. It impacts all areas of our lives.

At Sales for Life, we’ve trained tens of thousands of students in social selling in 100+ companies. We’ve had the distinct pleasure of teaching but also learning a lot in the process.

It’s a remarkable yet little known fact that teachers/trainers get the pleasure of learning from their students more than the students get a kick out of learning from them. And what we’ve seen is that there are patterns.

If you dig enough – if you’re patient enough to cut through the clutter – you’ll find patterns in everything. We started to notice clear patterns in the way people learned and how they preferred to have information delivered to them. It took some time, but we’ve now modeled this for maximum impact.

What we found was quite simple yet brilliant at the same time (like all good things in life).

People Love Stories

People love stories. Call it a remnant from our childhoods, but maybe our parents reading to us struck a chord. At the end of the day, we’re creatures that like to be wowed and dazzled. Not berated with endless facts in a PowerPoint. When we shared stories of sales professionals having success with social selling, we noticed that the crowd became just a little more attentive; they sat up in their seats an extra few inches. Their ears perked up and they were keen on listening. Theory is great but this was about connecting to someone similar and their experiences.

For this reason, we decided to find sales people all around the world and ask them how they’re using social selling to their benefit. These stories will be released in the next little while. We hope these stories help in making social selling more personal for you. We’re fortunate that we can contribute these clues about success.

Reuse & Repurpose

Imagine how daunting an experience it must have been for advertisers to learn TV advertising after using radio or print for so long. This is how sales professionals feel today after being in the one-way communication world of telephone and e-mail.

The good news is that after training thousands of students, we’ve come up with an incredibly powerful and practical framework for applying social selling in 30-60 minutes/day. If we asked students to spend any more time than this (which we have through countless experiments), they’d lose interest. So we know this to be the optimal amount.

Also, this process is flexible and repeatable. There are real life sales professionals using these very same methods to boost their sales efforts.

You don’t need to feel pressured or confused. The framework is here to help you. Reuse it, repurpose it and let us know your findings.

The Bottom Line

Telling stories and using a repeatable frameworks is a great way to learn and a very fun way to teach.

If you need that extra push/nudge to get started on your social selling efforts, feel free to contact me to learn more. Remember, social selling isn’t difficult; it’s just different.

We’ve got stories from all corners of the world that’ll inspire you to take your first step. Because I guarantee you, once you start…you won’t be able to stop.

Ready to start? Book some time in my calendar today.

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