So What? Who Cares? It’s About Your Buyers, Not You [Video]

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So What? Who Cares? It's About Your Buyers, Not You [Video]How are you challenging yourself to learn about your buyer’s needs – are you asking yourself, “so what, who cares?” before every market interaction? You decide to learn, act, or do nothing. Don’t accept your company’s self-serving agendas as good enough – we must do better, the market demands it and for good reason.
Good enough is just that, it’s not great and you know it.

Social is an unmatched source to study the market from your buyer’s frame of mind. No one cares about your product or service; it’s about their opportunities for growth, creating value to solve their problems, or identifying a new way to serve their markets.

Effective prep is more important than ever, it’s key for successful business leaders. It takes effort, but it’s not an option. Proactive research empowers you to give value early, show up to meetings ready to listen and bring insight by filtering the noise on behalf of whom you serve.

Shift into a learning mindset – setup your feeds to pull knowledge for you, increasing your depth and speed of learning to better serve your markets.

Act Like An Owner

Also ask yourself, “So what, who cares?” when you go through your daily routine. Even the smallest tasks have an impact on your business at a larger scale. Think about these examples to start. There are many areas in business where this applies:

  • Recent meetings
  • Marketing efforts
  • Where you have won and lost business

Are you doing your best? Challenge yourself and colleagues to think from the market’s point of view, ask “so what, who cares?” before every decision, act like an owner.

My Path To An Owner Mindset

Developing an owner mindset for the market you serve will take time and create new challenges. As an “owner” your priority is to create value in everything you do.

When I was getting into Social Selling a few years ago, I had many debates internally around this concept. I was increasingly sharing content with the market that was relevant from their point of view, not company self-serving, it could even be from a competitor. If I thought the concept, article or information asset was relevant to helping the individual’s business then value was being created.

It’s a work in progress, I have a lot to learn in being this way. There’s no substitute for hard work. Learning from experience shapes your strategy for tomorrow. To get there, let’s act today.

The owner mindset was reinforced when a client shared that they walked into an executive meeting and presented an idea I provided. I didn’t ask for this, the value was perceived and acted on. This started happening more frequently and the market reciprocated ideas – we were raising the bar together, striving towards improvement. As a result, the business opportunities and dollars followed.

Give value, challenge the status quo and never stop learning. Make the shift one day at a time – it’s not about you, it’s about them.


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