Quantity Vs. Quality: How Often Should You Publish Content?

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Quality VS ContentAt Sales for Life, we’ve visited over 300 organizations around the world. And when it comes to content, they always want to know the answer to the same two fundamental questions:

1. Are we creating enough content?; and

2. What’s more important—quality or quantity of content?

The answer may surprise you. Read on.

Quality vs. Quantity: The Great Debate

Of course, quality content is important. But a finding from Hubspot and Moz recently revealed that there needs to be a minimum amount of viable content that needs to be published on a weekly basis to attract and grow readership. Why is attracting and growing readership important? Readership attracts views, and ultimately inbound leads.

How Much is Enough?

For every company, the right quantity of content will differ. For example, at Sales for Life, we publish one blog post per day.

Hubspot, on the other hand, publishes 30 blogs per week. They have a variety of different channels and products, and have the quantity of content to match.

But when Hubspot reduced the quantity of blogs they published—even if they produced better quality posts—it absolutely affected the website traffic, and the inbound leads associated with it. Why? Because customers that are truly interested are trying to absorb as much content as possible in a quick amount of time become accustomed to receiving a certain amount of content.

So when it comes to your content marketing, you need to think of your company as a television channel. Ask yourself, does your content have predictable timeslots? If your consumer has no idea when the next TV show is coming out, that becomes problematic, and you’ll lose viewers if they can’t find any consistency of programming with you.

Great content marketers, at a minimum, produce content daily. Their readers need to wake up every day, see your content, and receive the valuable insight you’re providing.

This means that in this day and age, frequency is critical to growing mass market.

Along with this frequency, there needs to be a mixture of the types of blogs you’re producing. You should have a mixture of assets that tackle a variety of objectives.

At Sales for Life, we have a content theme for every day of the week. Here’s how our weekly calendar might look:

  • Mondays, we may publish awareness content.
  • Tuesdays might see highly technical blogs.
  • Wednesdays, we may cover best practices.
  • Thursdays may see a change of pace with thought-provoking content that pushes the status quo.
  • Fridays might be more light-hearted awareness content.
  • Weekend content may be more research-based.

We coach companies on how to create that mixture, and build the internal processes necessary to create that kind of content.

So while quality content is very important, your customers are expecting a certain quantity and frequency. And your organization needs to produce enough content to continually provide insight and keep your customers engaged.


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