Personalization: Take a Few Minutes to Understand Your Buyer

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personalization-understand-buyer.jpgWhen I transitioned to the B2B sales world, I was still stuck in the mindset that more dials = more meetings. Although to some degree I still agree with that statement (the higher volume of activity a sales professional does can increase their success), I now know there’s more to it.

I want to run you through a short 10-minute process I’ve added into my outreach that has shown me what it takes to book more meetings. Like Jill Rowley says, “Understand your buyer!”

Yes, I understand, we’ve heard this many times… But I still see an influx of prospects sharing poor outreach from salespeople on LinkedIn and other social channels, so I wanted to share my process in hopes of helping my fellow sales colleagues. Before I dive in, I thought I’d share some positive feedback I’ve been getting from my process:

1) Personal Research

a) In one ofmy recent outreach emails, I related our services to the experience the Vice President of Sales had back in his college football days. Being an athlete myself growing up, I actually had an interest in his experience playing Division l football. 

b) This information can be found easily by searching their social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google.

2) Professional Research 

a) One of our key strategies in driving an increase in conversions is reaching out to prospects as they transition to new jobs

This strategy works because not only is the prospect excited for their new promotion, but they’re also looking to make an impact within their first 90 days. If I see a job change alert on LinkedIn, I wish them well in their transition, share content on a one-to-one basis on how our solution could be valuable to them in their new role, and ask for nothing in return. 

When I did this most recently, the prospect said appreciated my outreach, and although he wasn’t in a position to make a decision about our services right away, he still agreed to begin the journey with us.

b) This information can be found easily by utilizing the saved search functionality in sync with understanding your ICP.

3) Company Research

a) The best way for me to understand if our services align with a company’s growth initiatives is to dive deeper into revenue reports and Gartner reports.

Both reports will give you insight not only into a company’s business outcomes and initiatives moving forward, but the Gartner report will outline how their competitors and stack them against them. For smaller companies, I usually search their company website for recent news on the company and read case studies of how they’ve helped their top clients.

b) Search websites, Gartner and revenue reports for publicly traded companies.

If you really want to increase your conversions, take the time to understand your buyers and make it fun at the same time. It doesn’t always have to be straight to business! In the case of the football reference, I actually was excited to hear about his experience on the field.


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