Meet the Marketer: Lisa Kenney, Blackbaud

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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[Editor’s note: Lisa took our marketing assessment and got Marketing Explorer. She’s one of only a handful of marketers who scored top marks in all five categories: Strategy and Scalability, Organizational Efficiency, Content Experiences, Sales and Marketing Alignment, and Measurement and ROI. She’s also the recipient of a 2017 EXPY Award.]

As the Senior Demand Generation Marketing Manager for Blackbaud, Lisa Kenney has more than 10 years of experience in developing strategic B2C and B2B marketing campaigns and online experiences. She describes herself as a New Hampshire based data-driven marketer and professional graphic designer who majorly geeks out on marketing software technology, metrics, and reporting. She also tends to smother every dog she sees.

Uberflip: In your day-to-day work, what’s your primary focus? 

Lisa Kenney: My goal every day is to drive demand to support the bookings budget for the arts and cultural vertical at Blackbaud. I keep a close eye on Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), opportunity conversions down the funnel, and ensure we are on track with pipeline. I leverage a variety of marketing tech tools to develop and distribute campaigns and measure performance. Each day I log into Uberflip, Marketo, Salesforce, and Brightfunnel to see a cohesive view of all my marketing initiatives. I look back at launched campaigns and determine how I can optimize them or what more I can add. I build emails for the next few weeks, tweak landing pages, move and add content to my resource hub ( and strategically segment the market based on organization type and persona while aligning with industry trade shows, events, and associations.

UF: What’s a campaign, project, or piece of content you’re working on now?

LK: What am I not working on? I’m currently focused on end-of-year fundraising and sending out targeted holiday gifts to our best clients and prospects to stay top of mind during the chaos of the holiday season. I’ve already started to prep for 2018 and I’m implementing my strategy as we speak! It’s also budget season and I’m responsible for managing the spend in my market.

UF: What are you currently struggling with?

LK: Currently I am a lone wolf in my marketing department. Two of my colleagues have moved up to new and exciting roles at Blackbaud. Scaling my efforts is something I currently struggle with because there’s so much I want to do and I must regularly reset expectations for myself due to bandwidth.

UF: What tools or resources do you rely on to do your job?

LK: I have the privilege to leverage a sophisticated marketing tech stack and it consists of Uberflip for the content experience, Marketo for marketing automation, Salesforce CRM, Brightfunnel multi-touch campaign influence reporting, internal funnel/pipeline reporting tools, Adobe Creative Suite, On24 webinars, SnapApp interactive content, digital advertising and social engagement, direct mail, industry trade shows, association memberships, and sponsorships. I could keep going!

UF: What’s the one thing you want to improve on in 2018?

LK: Interactive content is going to be a big focus for me in 2018. I’ve seen great success leveraging SnapApp in one of my campaigns focused on helping fundraisers choose the best solution that fits their organization’s needs. We have two options for our market and the interactive assessment asks a series of questions to serve up the best solution while also giving equal love to explore both. It launched in September and is quickly become a major player in the overall campaign and is currently showing a 49% Lead To Opportunity (LTO) conversion rate attribution. I also have so many ideas to repurpose, refresh, and scale back content and ensure our most popular resources are still relevant.

UF: What are you eager to try in the future?

LK: I am super excited to see where Uberflip AI takes our content in 2018. I’ve been trying out their new recommendation engine driven via Bombora IP address data collection and I can’t wait to start adding in layers of our Marketo data to strategically serve up recommended content. I am also leveraging one of our Blackbaud tools ( to identify arts and cultural social influencers and I’m looking forward to building a relationship and leveraging those people in my marketing campaigns.

Lastly, I’m shaking up my sponsorships in 2018. I spend a lot of budget on trade shows and then invest in sponsorships to get added exposure during the event. I’ve identified one event that has not shown ROI in a few years and our buyers aren’t the majority of attendees. We technically have to be there, but for 2018, I have decided to keep the booth and forgo the sponsorship. Instead, I’ll leverage that budget to do a strategic media buy with the same association. Basically, the commitment to the association will remain, but I’m just going to use the budget a bit differently that may have better ROI. I’ll keep you posted!

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