In 3 Steps: Creating A Value-Centric LinkedIn Headline For You Buyers [Ep. 2]

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin

Creating A Value-Centric Linkedin Headline For You BuyersI’d like you to go to your LinkedIn Profile and look at your LinkedIn headline right now. Does it say something like “Sales professional at XYZ company” or simply “Account Manager?” If it does, your buyers might be asking themselves “who cares?

Your LinkedIn Profile Headline is arguable the most important part of our Profile because just like your Photo, the Headline sticks to all of your activities. It accompanies Connection Requests, Content Shares and Profile Views so we need to make sure that it conveys value and builds intrigue to quickly capture our audience’s attention.

In episode 2 of In 3 Steps, I’ll walk you through how to create a value-centric headline catered to your buyers. As always, if you’d like help with your LinkedIn Profile, feel free to reach me at Don’t forget to share the video and thanks for watching.

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