How To Create A Social Selling Routine [eBook]

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin
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Over the past four years at Sales for Life, we’ve created hundreds of content assets—eBooks, blog posts, webinars, infographics, videographics, you name it, all in the name of educating you, the buyer. But one topic has stood out more than anything else: how to create the ultimate social selling routine. 

Based on this data, we’re bringing you an updated version of our social selling routine. We’ve polished it off with tactics by some of the most esteemed industry practitioners such as John Barrows, Jill Rowley and Tiffani Bova

How To Create A Social Selling Routine prescribes a 10-step process that covers every stage of the buyer’s journey, from lead generation to prospecting, closing to nurturing. Make sure your social routine is integrating the latest sales tactics to keep your pipeline full today.


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The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling