Hockey Stick Growth: 1 Post/Day to 24 Posts/Day

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Hockey Stick GrowthThe goal is to have your growth acceleration stop travelling linearly like the shaft of a stick, and travel north like a “J” – FAST! This is hockey stick growth.

Your linear growth has been achieved from your sales and marketing team’s commitment to sharing your blog post 1x a day. It’s been great. You have one use case for social selling.

However, a pat on the back isn’t what you’re interested in. In fact, you’ve grown tired of just having okay results from your sales reps social selling activity.

Now, I want you to eat your competition for breakfast!

Step #1 – Stop looking at your competitors for “socially acceptable” amounts of content

Super Charged Content Sharing

I’m telling you right now, you are definitely on the wrong side of that spectrum now. You’re so far away from being too much in their face, that you’re nearly invisible to them now. If you think you’re sharing enough, you’re not.

The world is loud! Really loud. You need to be pushing the envelope!
Step #2 – Look at your social networks as TV Channels

How do you think PBS feels. There are 800 channels, how can you get people attention. You need to be CNN, 24 hours a day. A resource that never stops!
TV Channels
Step #3 – Open the flood gates, and start sharing at MASSIVE VOLUMES

You need to share:

  • 1x an hour on Twitter
  • Every 3-6 hours on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+

Flood Gate

Become a 24/7 resource for your buyer. Make your competitors irrelevant and push them off the 1st page of Google, Twitter or LinkedIn.

These are three simple, but effective, steps to achieving hockey stick growth for your company’s brand and content audience. If you want to talk more about how social selling can help your business, schedule a call with me below.

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