Giving Just Enough To Get Everything?

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

MagicianSales is a dynamically changing game. Not all sales advice and helpful quotations are created equal. Much like you’ll be looking to roll the bottom 5% of your poor performers out the door come January, so too should you dispel some common myths standing in your way.

Here’s one to get you started. “Only give enough information to get the meeting” with a prospect you are targeting. Why was this again? So you can trick someone into meeting you? So they can start questioning your credibility as a sales professional right away? Are we supposed to be guarded, or can we speak freely? Today, this statement of only giving enough seems slighted, or more like a slight of the hand.

Wouldn’t you want to give the prospect everything they need from you and at any given time? That’s where I’ve found my success most recently. Perhaps because I stopped trying to book aimless sales meetings and started helping interested parties buy from me. Not necessarily a small mental shift for most reps. But customers and prospects do respond well to the change. Not surprising given that they’ve been collectively pushing for this for years.

By virtue of that, I have structured my business, approach, and marketing assets to support full transparency with my customers and prospects. Speak to me once (for any given amount of time), and I can respond to you quickly with a tailored conversion funnel of content that will walk you through the entire buying process for any products and services I offer.

If we end up in a meeting, you’ll set it up with me when you are ready. After you have used the information I have provided to complete due diligence, select final vendors, write an internal business case. It will be towards the final 30% of your buying cycle where we need to iron out commercial agreements. Which you’d had access to from our first interaction. 65% of the time you will decide in my favor because I will be there to help first, I’ll be polite and prompt, and otherwise make it as easy for you as possible.

The Bottom Line:

Get set up to win. Sales teams that still go on the offensive or scatter to provide prospects with timely, relevant, and assistive materials are dead in the water. Stop trying to trick people into talking to you and start driving value. Your prospects will thank you. Need some actual examples, I am always happy to discuss. I can always be reached by appointment with the below calender link.

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