Fighting with 2 Hands Tied Behind Your Back! (Video)

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Social Media Nurturing Social Selling

If someone offered you a huge sum of money to get into a boxing ring with two hands tied behind your back, hopping on one foot and having a blind fold on, would you? You’d never get into a ring with a world class fighter without being fully prepared. Why? Because you value your well-being too much (as you should).

So why do you take chances with your career? This really isn’t a plug just for social selling. It’s a plug for making yourself a more balanced, aware and educated sales professional.

Investing in Your Career

While most will not invest in their career, they will then complain about their overall state. If you’re not having enough conversations, how can you expect sales opportunities to miraculously appear in your pipeline?

Every industry has people that talks about this pain. In our industry of sales, Grant Cardone talks about this beautifully. He talks about the concept of 10X – fundamentally changing your mindset to see what it will really take to achieve your goals. He suggests that if you have a particular goal in mind, erase your perceptions of the workload required to achieve that goal. It’ll take 10 times the effort to achieve it.

While it might take less, changing one’s mind to the 10X rule can help shift priorities and put a spot light on what matters: hard core work.

Given this, it makes absolute and worth-while sense to strive and be the BEST at what you do. If you can’t cold call for the life in you, it makes sense to get very serious about this now. I know that most sales people today – at least the professional ones reading this – take their careers seriously.They are in a continuous learning zone where they’re taking in information from all sides. They don’t close themselves off to a certain type of knowledge that’s static and unchanging.

Can You Afford It?

All things being said, are you ready and prepared to invest in your social selling education? While all of us have gone through and endured rigorous sales training education in our careers, are we now prepared to invest into learning how to use social media correctly?

The buyers are headed here. There is no doubt about this. So the question really isn’t about if we can afford this; can we afford not to?

The Bottom Line

Those of us that continuously invest in our knowledge and education find that it helps us stay motivated and keeps us on our toes. So far though, the majority of the education in sales training has been around the same topics: cold calling, pricing, negotiation, etc. How many different spins on this can we learn?

I think it’s time we learned social selling. If this is where buyers are headed, why not invest the time to talk to them in their own turf?

If you need help in getting started, or have questions, click the button below. I’m happy to offer free resources and ideas to help guide you along the way.

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