F U Email! How Can You Master the Email Monster?

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

Email MonsterAre you being completely consumed by your inbox? Is it hurting your productivity as a sales leader or business owner? Here’s a few tips to help you master the email monster.

Email is the bane of my existence.

On average, I receive between 300 and 500 emails a day. If there are about 600 minutes in the average workday (working 10 hours a day), that means I receive an email EVERY 30 SECONDS.

If I was to respond to each of these emails, I’d spend my ENTIRE day doing it!

Thankfully, I’m reading a new book by the name of The Power of Habit that has already started paying dividends for me, my productivity, and my business.

Here’s a quick video on tips for business owners and sales executives on HOW TO MASTER THE EMAIL MONSTER!

Social Selling Breakup

1. Remove the Email Icon

Stop getting distracted by new emails coming in every 30 seconds. Eliminate the Outlook email pop-ups that can be distracting.

2. Set a Schedule

Only check your email once per hour.

3. Scan

Only open emails sent by well-defined groups of people you know you need to respond to ASAP.

4. Late Night Cleanouts

Use tools like Evernote to help you clean out your inbox after work hours (I typically do this between 7:00pm and 9:00pm).

Being less consumed with email means you’ll be able to spend more time being productive – including social selling.

Book some time in my calendar if you’re interested in learning more about how to create a social selling strategy that works. You can also download one of the social selling guides below.

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