Doctor’s Orders: Attend The Art of Sales, January 28, 2014

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Daniel PinkAre you a professional sales person? Consider yourself a top performer? Call yourself an expert?

When was the last time you attended an annual industry conference? Can you remember? Was it never?

What if your doctor answered the same way? How would you feel about them knowing that they weren’t doing anything to keep themselves at the top of their game? Not staying current on best practices, not studying new methods and treatments, not collaborating with other specialists and researchers. I suspect you’d be concerned that they weren’t professional at all. You’d likely trust them less, perhaps start to question their judgment. I for one would start to look for another doctor. Wouldn’t you?

As sales professionals, are we not bound by a similar responsibility to our customers? To be constantly refreshing our approaches, staying current, working to deliver the absolute best experience possible? The answer is yes, we are. But it’s a big component of the job that practitioners often overlook. Because our egos often tell us that we’re good enough, that we don’t need to progress, that we have it covered. How flawed.

There is an annual industry conference for sales professionals coming to Toronto on January 28th that you need to attend if you consider yourself a top performer in sales (and we’re all in sales aren’t we?). Having experienced many myself I can attest to the benefits. I can tell you with confidence the returns will far exceed the cost and put you into a highly reinvigorated state going in to 2014. Trust me on this one! You`ll see; Daniel Pink – Author – To Sell Is Human, Matthew Dixon – Author – The Challenger Sale and many others. Be among the 1000`s that will take the time to learn something new.

Sales For Life is pleased to share an EARLY BIRD promo link to save you $100 per ticket. The EB rate is only valid until Dec. 20 – here are the details:

The Art of Sales, January 28th, Toronto Ontario

Learn more about New York Times bestselling author – Daniel Pink:

Hope to see you there!

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