Ascending K2: The ‘New’ Klout and It’s Impact on Social Selling

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks

KloutContent aggregation tools like the ‘new’ Klout are helping social sellers serve their communities with relevant and timely information. Have you made them a part of your social selling arsenal yet?

Since hearing about the newest version of Klout a few weeks back, I’ve been meaning to write a quick review to help our community become more familiar with the key applications we use in social selling.

If you’re unfamiliar, Klout is a tool that measures influence online (at least it used to be). To be honest, it’s a tool that I use less frequently than others. Not that measuring online influence isn’t important. Understanding how your buyers see you online has inherent value. But I don’t care if it fluctuates on a daily basis, so I never used to manage Klout much.

Until today perhaps.

For a long time, I’ve used content aggregation tool Feedly to program my weekly social content sharing schedule. It’s a great tool that helps me aggregate insightful and valuable content to help my buyers move through their buying processes.

But based on what I have read so far about the new Klout, finding insightful and influential content for my buyers is now something I should be looking to Klout for as well. It’s a new feature from Klout, but based on their official blog it seems like one they’ve committed to full force. And I quote, “this is the first step towards our vision of helping people be known for what they love”. All the while becoming better content creators, they claim.

From a social selling perspective, Klout now does 3 things very well:

1. Find Content

Klout can help you find the curated content that your network is most likely to be receptive to.

Klout Content

2. Schedule

Klout allows you to optimize the content for your network, scheduling its delivery at times when people are actually listening (albeit this was not working when I tested it).


3. Measure

Klout allows you to track and measure content engagement and the ultimate impact you’re having on your audience.


The Bottom Line

Follow our 12 Step Social Selling Routine to increase your performance and you will understand the value of sharing insightful and helpful content to nurture your prospects and buyers. As a best practice you can now use aggregation tools like Feedly and Klout to source that content and serve your community of interest with the most relevant information, on any topic, at any time.

Wondering how you can use Klout to help in your social selling efforts? Book some time in my calendar using the link below. I’d be more than happy to walk you through it.


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