7 Resources for Using Twitter

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Does your company use Twitter? If not, here are some reasons why they should be.

Twitter is one of, if not THE best social media platform for spreading your ideas worldwide, quickly and effectively. In 140 characters you have the ability to share your company’s blog posts, white papers, an interesting article you found online or an accomplishment – among other things. It has proven itself to be a useful tool in the business world and is something worth utilizing.

Using the hashtag (#) is a great way to help others find your content and increase your following. Make sure to hashtag important words that are relevant to the article or to your business.

It is important to post content multiple times per day to keep your audience engaged. This can include retweeting or sharing content that other companies or individuals are posting. This is an effective way of creating positive working relationships with others.

A way to engage with your followers is to pose questions to create a dialogue. It’s important to also respond to their questions or comments in a timely manner. By interacting with your followers it will help you gain a better understanding of who they are. This allows you to create interesting and useful content.

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