67 Scientifically-Backed Persuasive Techniques To Make The Sale [Infographic]

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin
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Sales is all about closing the deal, and the key to closing is being persuasive. 

The art of persuasion is nuanced and it takes time to master, but there are some general tips and guidelines you can follow. In fact, there are scientifically proven intricacies of persuasion that you can implement into your sales process to see better results. For example, use the following to be more persuasive:

– Simplify your message with visuals.

– Use conversational language.

– Convey scarcity or exclusivity.

– Use social proof to earn trust.

– Etc.

There are even specific words that have been proven to be more persuasive, and including these words in your sales communication can improve results.

Check out the infographic from GetCRM below to learn more about these persuasive words and techniques.

Persuasive Techniques

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