3 Tactics To Kickstart Your Account-Based Selling Efforts Today [Video]

Sales for Life Admin
Sales for Life Admin

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This is a quick video on Account Based Selling Best Practices for you, the sales professional, or the sales leader looking to kickstart this within your organization.

Obviously, we can’t teach you everything about Account Based Selling in a quick video but, hopefully, we can give you a solid foundation to get started. We’re going to give you three tactics that you can implement right away.

Account Based Selling Tactic No. 1

Build a contextualized message.

Leverage key insights and triggers to show you’ve done your homework. Find insights by talking to lower level team members or mining publicly available information such as those found in annual reports.

Speak to other accounts or prospects in the vertical, and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that they all face. Do your research: form 10-K’s for publicly traded companies, earning calls, Gartner Magic Quadrants, and other competitive intelligence can be easily automated to provide you real time insights. Use these insights to spark a conversation in a more contextualized way.

Account Based Selling Tactic No. 2

Use a diversified cadence.

You’re, undoubtedly, very proficient with the use of telephone and email. But, so are your competitors. If you stick with only these two tools, you’re going to have a very tough time penetrating the majority of the accounts that you’re targeting.

You’ll need to mix it up and use a more diverse delivery of your message. If you see that the phone and email and not working, try to start engagement on social. Share content one-on-one. Send a video email.

Once you get engagement, take the conversation off social and back to the telephone. It doesn’t matter where the engagement starts, so long as it leads to the conversations that you need to move business forward. 

Account Based Selling Tactic No. 3

Social account selection & social proximity.

When it comes to selecting accounts, consider your social proximity to these targets. Are you connected to any of these accounts? Are your colleagues? Monitor job changes inside your organization and see if any of the individuals you’re targeting are connected to you in any other way through either your connections or through your company.

There are a lot more tips and tricks in our Account Based Selling Starter Kit. Click here for this download, and perhaps you can get some more insights on how to win and grow high valued accounts at scale.


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