3 Tactical Steps for Advocate Job Change Alerts Turning into New Logo Leads

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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There are three pillars of digital activities that great social sellers use:

The tactic with the fastest ROI is the digital trigger—advocate job change alert. Unfortunately, I’ve found that, though it’s claimed to be understood by sales professionals, it almost never fully is. Don’t let your sales team claim to understand this when they say, “Of course, I know when people in my network are changing jobs.” If they say this, they absolutely don’t understand how this works.

Here’s how to execute on this sales play.

Step 1: Build a Saved Search of “Past, Not Current” Advocates Leaving Your Customers

Reverse-engineer your customer base to look for past advocates who no longer work at your customers today. This includes people who are second- and third-degree connections to you today on LinkedIn but were past users, champions, etc., of your solution.

The important part of developing a strong job change sales strategy is to not just focus on the C-suite. While churn is inevitable, make sure you understand the managers, directors, and vice-presidents who can be super-champions in your new logo and broker introductions.

Linkedin profiles

Step 2: Turn These Reports into a Weekly Sales Cadence

Don’t focus on the old data (the original search). This is, well, old data. The saved searches are providing you net new job changes. This is where the diamonds sit. But no data or list has value if you can’t indoctrinate it into your daily/weekly sales routine.

Saved searches

I recommend that you have a time blocked in your calendar each week for the following:

      1. Checking and scrubbing the data. (There will be coal mixed in with your diamonds.)

      2. Crafting a personal message and reaching out (which takes me 10 minutes per new job change)

Step 3: Be First and Add Value within 90 days of Their New Role

To me, there is nothing more powerful than video for the first touch. Humanize yourself. Now you can also showcase your market knowledge by synthesizing insights from various sources and adding value. Here is a live video example from me:


Of course, I then take an opportunity to drive a call-to-action for a next step—but only after I’ve provided data, insights, and value first. This is the Law of Reciprocity: Give first. Here is an example of an article I would share and add my perspective on via video:

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