10 Apps Every Sales Pro Should Use

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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You’re busy. And if your schedule is anything like mine, it can be challenging to keep all the different balls in the air, and keep on top of everything you need to do each day. Fortunately, I’ve found some great mobile apps that I use every day that boost my sales productivity, and keep me as organized as possible. These 10 apps are essential to my daily sales routine.

1. Evernote


I use Evernote every day—but with a twist. I have based my Evernote folders on David Allen’s book, “Getting Things Done,” which allows you to take all of the areas that are in your mind, and categorize them into file folders. Examples of my personal folders include:

  • Brain Dump,
  • What am I going to complete today?, and
  • Future projects that I need to address

Every morning, I check the file folders, and see what needs to be accomplished that day. I align my priorities based on the Franklin Covey Rock System. The Rock System helps me align my three or four major quarterly goals with what I prioritize in Evernote.

Other than my Google calendar, Evernote is the baseline of all the items on my to-do list.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn Exclusively for B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn is another essential tool that I use every day. But for me, the way I use LinkedIn has evolved from a sales productivity standpoint.

In the past, I used LinkedIn exclusively for B2B lead generation. But now, LinkedIn helps me to map relationships. It allows me to understand not only the relationships of my potential future hires for our business, but also the relationships between or existing customers and prospective customers we’d like to land.

Understanding these relationships has increased my sales productivity exponentially. Knowing the relationships of existing to potential customers can open up doors quickly and increase our business.


Sometimes it can be hard to keep focused on what immediate tasks I need to get done. Luckily lets me create my to-do list and helps me stay on track with daily reminders as well as location reminders. It’s also a great tool for collaborating because I can share my list with my team.

4. Pocket

Pocket App

I love content. Especially when I’m on the go because Pocket allows me to save certain articles so that I can read them later. What’s great is that if I’m somewhere without WiFi, I can read articles offline that I saved on Pocket. It definitely makes my plane rides much more enjoyable.

5. ClearSlide

Clearslide iOS App

When it comes to sales productivity, it’s important for me to able to take assets, such as eBooks, videos, or presentations, and share them with prospects. However, it can be difficult to track the effectiveness of my emails and social messages. ClearSlide allows me to see if my presentations have been forwarded, or if my contracts have been read by a company’s CFO.

It gives me a clear picture of every email and social message, so I can gauge their effectiveness.

6. is my blog library of third-party content. In, I keep content that I think is important for sharing with customers, and also for my own learning. I use it every morning and night.

In the morning, I use it to identify content that I will share with my network. In the evening, I use it for my own learning, and to gain best practices that I can bring back into my business.

7. HubSpot Sales

Hubspot Sales

This is a great tool for when I’m emailing prospects and buyers. It sends a notification when someone I’ve sent an email to opens it. It helps with my productivity because HubSpot Sales actually pulls information about my prospects such as their professional history, mutual connections and email history. Overall, it’s an effective way of understanding my buyers.


This app allows my meetings to be booked faster which really helps me become more productive with time management. There’s no back and forth about what time works for everyone, especially for collaboration. It’s like having my own personal assistant that does all the legwork of scheduling meeting times for me.

9. Google Drive

Google Drive

While SalesForce houses all our client information, all of our internal assets—such as presentations, the development of version 3 of our curriculum, and our human resources and financial information are stored on Google Drive.

It’s our entire system of record for all of our internal documents and assets. I often use the mobile application. I sync it between all my devices and mobile applications, and at a glance, I can see all of our internal information.

10. Uber

Ride Request

As the CEO of Sales for Life, I travel a lot. From a sales productivity standpoint, I take 40-50 flights a year. And I need my travel to be as efficient as possible. I need to get from a client meeting, to the hotel, to the airport quickly and painlessly. Uber makes travel so much easier. I align it with Corporate Traveller, which helps me book all my flights and hotels, and I store that information in the appropriate folder on Google Drive.

In short, aligning Uber and Corporate Traveller helps me stay on top of my travel.

These tools are an essential part of my everyday business, and they’ve definitely increased my sales productivity. Without these 7 apps, my productivity just wouldn’t be as effective. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what apps you use for your sales productivity.

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