X Salespeople We All Know

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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The Face

The face is great at using their charm and natural attributes to attract prospects and talk them into a sale.

The Bulldog

He’s relentless and will do whatever it takes to make the sale.

The Wiki

This sales rep has a wealth of knowledge to share, loves long letters and intense conversations with clients.

The Vending Machine

Doesn’t chase or seek new leads. This sales person waits for the client to walk in or call up for information.

The Big Talker

They talk about how great they are, how bad everyone else is, how much money they make, and when they close a deal the entire office will get to hear about it for a month.

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The Silent But Deadly

They don’t brag, they don’t complain, they really don’t say much at all, but they are consistent and they tend to close a lot of business.

The Young Maniac

These salespeople keep both motorcycle dealers and drug dealers in business. Young, hungry for money, and living the fast life. They work hard, and go straight to the bar after work to party even harder.

The Cheerleader

A social butterfly, this type of sales person truly believe sin the products and in keeping clients happy.

The Poser

Treats the profession like a lottery ticket. They hope that they will hit the jackpot quickly and doing as little as possible in the process.

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