Why We’re Hosting a User Conference

Jamie Shanks
Jamie Shanks
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Why we're hosting a user conference

I know what you’re thinking, “Another marketing software’s user conference?” I hear you. But here’s why The Uberflip Experience is different.

For one, we’re hosting it in The 6ix (that’s Toronto if you’re not a Drake fan). How many user conferences have you been to in Toronto – or even Canada??

Second, its focus is on bringing the brightest minds in content marketing together, but not so we can talk some more about how to create great content. You already know how to do that. This conference is all about how to leverage our content – throughout the entire buyer journey – also known as the content experience.

4 pillars of content marketing

We’re calling it The Uberflip Experience to showcase the most underserved pillar of content marketing, not because there aren’t enough technologies to help with our content experiences (there’s actually hundreds), but because we don’t talk enough about the value of our content’s experience – even though it’s where everything from awareness to engagement, to lead generation actually take place.

You can also bet that with a name like “Experience” we’re going to make sure the conference itself is an amazing experience – from the venue, to the food, to the speakers and of course, you – our community of talented, forward-thinking marketers.

Join us this summer in The 6ix for 2 days of great networking, learning, and some piña coladas! Get your tickets now!

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